Listening deeply, speaking softly:
translating the world of animals

As an animal communicator, I help facilitate a closer connection between the animal and its owner. This communication can bring about a deeper understanding and respect, and can enable healing of certain behaviors. Using my intuitive gift for animal communication, I can also help prepare animals for undergoing life transition, the crossing of the Rainbow Bridge.

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Poof, a wonderful kitty rescued from a life of living in a car, comes to my Reiki classes and holds the ground for all present. Sadly, we lost Miss Poofie a few years ago and miss her dearly - EXCEPT for her habit of dumping over every vase in the house! A real water cat - denoting a kitty who works with emotions.

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The Gift of Interspecies Communication


Interspecies communicator, pet psychic, dog/cat/horse whisperer – all these are terms that are used for people that are involved with the direct and indirect communication with animals. What do these terms actually mean and how does this actually work?

Communication in any way involves a knowing of what another individual is thinking or feeling. When a question or thought goes through a practitioners mind to the animals mind there is always a reciprocal thought or answer from the animal. True telepathic communication means from “mind to mind” and doesn’t involve the spoken word or body language at all. In its best sense, there is a flow of understanding between two or more beings with little or no effort. This is one way that different species have direct conversations with each other.

In my case, this means making an energetic connection with an animal through a meditative process that I learned long ago. It involves quieting the mind, dropping into one’s own body and with strong intention and permission, sending the thought to the subject. Waiting for the reply is the next step. With domesticated animals that are well conditioned to respond to humans this usually comes quickly. I receive words, pictures, emotions and even a strong sense of what the answer is. The animal caretakers usually have specific questions to be answered that can involve health issues, behavior changes and sometimes information for the animal. Many times people would like their animals to know that a vacation is coming up, visitors are coming or even a new animal companion is coming to live with them. These are all very valid reasons to contact an animal communicator to help you with your pet.

When receiving communication from wild animals the process can be much the same to begin with – quieting the mind and body especially. Here is where it changes for me. The key is being respectful and receptive. I go to the place of feelings and emotions and simply ask if they (porcupine, jellyfish, whales, birds and yes, even trees and rocks) have anything they would like to tell me. Sometimes I am given complex messages and other times I am given a single word. Last summer while meditating with a huge quartz boulder the word I was given was to “endure” That one important word is still with me and is not necessarily a bad thing! Talking with stones of all types can give a person such a sense of ancient ways and will bring you back to your earth in a way that modern technology can never do.

Rates for Animal Communication

(In Fifteen Minute Increments) $20 per Fifteen Minutes