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Healing From
the Earth Out

2006 Feb 26

While walking my dogs in the forest today I had a realization about the act of healing that seemed entirely new, yet as old as time. It was as if the knowledge has been in my mind forever and finally had room to surface.

The question "who really heals?" was my first thought. The second was "It is Nature." That’s right - second nature! It is our second nature to be well by aligning ourselves with the place we came from in the beginning.

 When a person makes themselves (their true physical body) available to their original spirit they can and will heal. Think about being at the beach. Going barefoot. Feeling the shifting of the sand, the dampness of the sea, the kiss of the wind. Feel how your original spirit is aligned with all of these sensations.

The wind blows away the worries and sadness. Lying on the sand with both its warmth and the heat of the sun soaking away physical pain. Walking along the shallow tides letting all emotions come up to be honestly felt and then released. The soft breeze or fierce winds can cleanse our energetic body, removing others stickiness from us. The same can be said for the forest, the high mountains or even in our own backyards. Only willingness is asked for.

Be in nature, honor nature, work in your garden, pick up trash from alongside the road. Honor the Earth, The Four Directions, The Five Elements - for these are the places from which everything that sustains us physically, mentally and emotionally comes from. Work with the animals, both our pets and the wild ones. They do know where they come from. Spend time protecting and building up that which nurtures them. In doing so, you will nurture the other beings on the planet.

In your daily life find a community that both nourishes you and the Earth. In these simple ways you too will find the healing thread that joins us with the place we have come from.

Linda S. Wahlund
February 26, 2006