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It's Raining
Cats & Dogs

2007 February 01

Have you ever wondered how cats and dogs are like raindrops? I know it will sound funny, but they evaporate just like a raindrop.

Let me explain. Lately I have been witness to animals Crossing the Rainbow Bridge, going to doggie heaven, passing on - you get the picture. In my work I have been called upon to talk with and provide healing for various animals during their later years.

First there is an illness or some dis-ease. They finally get across to their caretakers (owners) that they need some sort of help.

Some animals are quite willing to go the vet route with visits, invasive procedures and medicines. Others like having a diagnosis and then some serious thought on the type of treatment provided. When the animal is young there is hope for a cure and a long life. They have much to live for with their families and really have a lot of work to do themselves. These guys come in with contracts with their families and also with other animals. So as caretakers it is up to us to provide what they need.

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Linda's very special cat Blessing spent a meaningful four years on Earth.

Then there are the oldsters - well, they have lived long lives, worked hard for us and frankly, have to find a way out of their bodies. They have witnessed our family victories and defeats, nursed us through our bad times and have stepped aside during our good times. These wonderful animals have always been at not only our sides but maybe the sides of many people. Multiple family pets are not always a bad thing. They have an original family and then moving happens, allergies happen, death happens and there they are - freed up to go to the next family. These guys get tired and instead of closing their eyes and moving on they need illness to face death.

As loving caretakers it is up to us the assess their needs and be the decision makers. It is difficult when they seem to be in pain and some professionals are more than willing to keep them alive to the often bitter end. As normal human beings we buy into the indecision and guilt more often than not. There are many holistic options to take as long as we can be strong and have good support ourselves. The animals can be treated calmly and gently like a valued family member living out their final days.

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Lincoln, bundled up snug

Being kept warm, comfortable, clean with as much or as little nourishment and medicine as they need can help them transition. Having human healers lay their hands on them, run energy for them and "talking" with them can help them express their needs. Also, thanking them and releasing them from this world is so helpful. At times they need the help of a trusted and gentle vet.

Here we are at the raindrop. Just as water falls upon the earth and then evaporates - sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly - so do our friends. Their body fluids pour out from all orfices. The body gets smaller, the energy fainter. Their spirit starts to go up - we feed, water or touch them and down it comes to the reality of the solid world. In these last weeks or days it seems like they practice being ether. All their human and animal friends that have already passed over are there waiting for them. The tides can help them also. I am noticing how many pass on the full Moon - the cycle of completion. When the last drop evaporates, the beautiful spirit of the animals flies quickly upward in excitement learning of the ease of completion and also the ease of travel. Watch, listen and feel for them in the days to come. They will come back often to check on you.Take the shell of their being and gently honor it in the way that is best for you. It is of no use to them in their light bodies.

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Honey Cat - a "throw away" at a local stable. Very sweet and pretty ancient in this picture. She is buried in the garden very near here.

Know that as the rain lifts back into the heavens, so do your beloved pets. And know that as it always falls again that you will have the gift of life back into your life again in the form of a new furry baby.

This writing was given to me by Gladys, a brave and wonderful dog who had multiple families and many victories. May her spirit live on in all who knew her.

Linda Wahlund

Reiki Master - Animal Communicator

Originally published in "The Isis Scrolls". LInda Wahlund lives with her husband and a large clan of animals in Eureka, California USA. She is available for consultation about any animal, anywhere in the world. She also gives workshops in Animal Communication and Reiki for People and Animals.