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Knee Deep
in Jellies

2008 Feb 24

Early on a Sunday morning there is a rainbow. A bit faint but enough to shove us out of the house with the promise of a break in the rain. We bundle up, load the dogs and head to King Salmon - locally known as the "Dog Beach". There is a great little crescent of beach on the bay that is sheltered between two stacked stone breakwaters. jellies on the beach Of course the closer we get, the more rain there is. The good thing is that we don't care. The beach is our private playground this morning with a low tide and plenty of open beach.

The black dogs streak down the beach side by side - brother and sister with the speed bred into them. They duck and dodge - carving circles into the sand, biting at each others legs and necks at the same high speed. The short hairy one makes sand dog angels one after another. Her private joy is having fur the same color as the sand and thinking she is hiding something. As we scan the beach with our eyes we see shiny domes up and down the beach.

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OH! Jellies! Special gifts just for us, these jellies are 8-12 inches across and have been washed up with the tide. Looking closer we see that they have four quadrants inside and each of these is outlined in violet which fades to a soft purple.

Hmmmmm... translucent, violet, look like clouds, brought in by the emotional waters - what gift do they bring for us? A few are upside down, looking like small domed temples topped with feathery crowns. Who is in them? What messages are there? Why are they here on the beach on this day, in this time? Leftovers from the eclipse of the moon last week? Are they following the fullness of our emotional Mother?

Whew! As we walk further south on the beach to the shallow spot there are many, many of these jellies so I step carefully between them until I am engulfed by these delicate and ethereal creatures. jellyfish The energy goes up through my body until I am one with them. I ask "Why are you here? What message do you bring? Can you heal me?"

I feel them gently send their essence through my body with the answers. "We are old. Let us touch you. Let us fill your heart. We are here to remind you again of what is possible and what can be here forever. We love that you hear us. Tell the others." The wind has picked up and is driving the sharp rain into our faces. It is so difficult for me to break this sacred connection - but it is time to go.

I ask that they leave their essence in my body and to come to me when asked. "Yes", they say. "Go and write of us. Call and tell of us." I assure them that I will share their perfect beings with others. I thank them yet again.

The dogs are careful of those delicate bodies even when running at top speed. The tide is coming in and I ask that these sweet jellies are liberated from the sand and are again free in the cold waters of the bay and then back out into the ocean where they can take their message to others.

Take time to look in the night sky, for this is another place the jellies reside. See them in the Northern Lights and the Milky Way. Feel their ecstatic joy in the great unknown (well, unknown to us anyhow). Ask for their guidance and send them your prayers. They are here for us.

Linda S. Wahlund
February 24, 2008