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Riding in the Redwoods - Meeting my Guide Arn

2008 Feb 24

There is a beautiful place along a trail in the ancient redwood forests near me. It is high on a ridge with the old trees to the east and logged over land to the west. Having been logged, there is an amazing view almost to the ocean. The winds of the high places live here and the influence of the ocean and all it contains flies past my ears also. This is a place I have ridden my horse many times and many times have felt the beauty and sacredness of it.

When riding with a group this small section of trail feels like being in a cathedral. I always knew there was more than that here so managed to finally start riding this trail in partnership with my mare, Foxy. No other voices to interrupt the flow of nature and all that it offers to me. No voices to alert the wild ones that live here. No other voices except the one in my head that wanted more than a pretty view. Something inside of me must have known the gifts that live there in that space.

It is no small feat to get to this place. Time hooking up the trailer, loading my mare and then 50 plus miles down the highway. Heat in the summer and wind and rain in the winter. An hours hard climb up the mountain and then more time winding up, down, and along the trail in the forest. If approached from the other end of the looped trail there is a three plus hour ride to this special place. Always with expectations, high hopes, an open heart ???? what gift will I be given today? On this day the gift was huge.

In my world we talk of guides. These guides can be many things - ascended Masters, passed on relatives, angels or the guy at the gas station. Who knows? Having been eager to meet my spirit guides I had asked to be open - over and over and over again. How would ?they? find me? How would I recognize them. Would I hear, sense or see them? This was even a bit scary. It is one thing to say one believes in Spirit but another altogether to see it.

My Morab mare, Foxy and I had already had many miles and many adventures together starting with that first ride as a three year old in the pasture. Through many clinics, horse shows, meeting wonderful horse people and also grieving the loss of some of those same people. She and I had come through parellel experiences even through I walked on two legs and she on four. She is my teacher, my friend, my reason for being in this world. We travel together alone most of the time and this time taught me another reason why.

Up the hill we went with me being very grateful that it was her doing the climbing and not me. My mind goes elsewhere - to the trees, the moss, the wonderful blue jays screaming about us invading their territory. Listening to the rustle of the small breeze through the tops of the madrones and the redwoods. Along the top ridge my mind then goes to my sacred place. What gift will there be today?

As we come into the opening it is like entering a portal. A very real change in the feeling of the air. Everything around us is fuzzy and a bit out of focus.

Horseback in a shady grove

Ahhhhh???we are now joined by my guide Arn who is a wonderfully strong Celtic man who usually stands behind my right shoulder, protecting me. But today he is astride a huge dapple grey stallion with dark lush mane and tail. They come out of nowhere on my left side and Arn reaches out his hand to me.

I gather up my reins in my right hand and reach out and take Arn's left hand in mine. I can actually feel the physical sense of him and at the same time we ask our horses to canter along through this space in time.

My heart is so big it feels as if it would break through my chest. Tears stream from my eyes.

My mare snorts and blows and it is beautiful.

This is an experience I have asked for and one that may never come again. It will support and feed me as I walk my path through this lifetime. It cements in me in yet another way the connection I have with my mare. And all other sentient beings. This is Bliss. This is Nirvana. This is the Truth????.This is why I stay on this Earth, our Mother, to experience all that She has to show and teach me. My wish is that you, too, experience this gift.

Linda S. Wahlund
February 24, 2008