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Tea With
a Whale

2010 May 01

One lovely morning in May... 8:00 AM, sitting reading, listening to the waves break loudly compared to yesterday. I am on the window seat in a lovely home high on a hill overlooking Big Lagoon and the Pacific Ocean. My husband is upstairs in the "Crows Nest" and calls down, "do you want to see a whale? A very big whale?"

Of course, I leap up the stairs, grab the binoculars and there he is, breaching, blowing and slowly gliding back into the water. I can even see the white barnacles glistening on his back. We watch for a bit, then take our cups of coffee and tea out to the hot tub. Watching him as he swims south towards Trinidad and the approaching rain, he then turns back, swimming close in to the spit, obviously feeding since there are many birds and seals out there also.

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Northern California's Pacific Ocean Whale Route

Eating, swimming, breathing - Ahhh - I should connect with him, get centered, ground to the earth and at once, there he is! Another whale is out further, but I don't ask to speak to him.

I now feel the mouth, like a cavern, the lips slightly parted, letting the cave fill with sea water and food, bumping away the larger fish. There is a rhythm to this - like when we breathe slowly and gently, without thought or effort. I feel a ridge behind the teeth on the roof of his mouth that somehow undulate to help the movement of the water and the meal.

He speaks within my mind, saying "Feeding for me is as simple as breathing for you". He talks of the freshness of the food. He talks of the abundance as long as nobody takes more than they can use.

My husband says, maybe the whale has come in this close to the shore to die. Oh... now I feel my neck, right under my chin, begin to grow stiff and full. Can't move it, can't eat - like being paralyzed. The whale says this is what does happen to those whales that come in to die. This is because of the toxins they have ingested. The whales don't worry or fight. The feeling is like the twilight between sleep and wakefulness. Easy to let go. No suffering. When the whales sense toxins in their food they swim out further where the dilution is greater. Feeding near shore indicates cleaner waters.

I ask about the second whale. It is another male. They are traveling together but not closely. A youngster and an oldster keeping each other company.

I then ask about the many whales I had seen six weeks ago - much farther out to sea and not showing their bodies. Just seeing their giant breath and sea water being blown to the sky. He told me that these were the Mothers and youngster traveling like we do on a long road trip. Minimal stopping for food and you better pee before we leave home!

As a gentle rain settles over us, he finishes, telling how the first rains in fall bring poisons from the earth through the rivers and runoff. After the winter storms, these springs showers bring the freshness of the earth.

He then thanks me twice, and asks that I tell his story. I feel blessed to have had this quiet time to observe and listen to the ancient ones. This is my true Gift of Spring.


Linda S. Wahlund

Reiki Master - Animal Communicator