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The Secret

2010 June 01

Using the Law of Attraction to Create a Positive Attitude

Many of you have heard of The Secret. The book and DVD are taking the country by storm, even being featured on The Oprah Show! I personally endorse The Secret, because it showcases many of the ancient and traditional metaphysical wisdoms in which I have trained for all these years. Let me tell you a bit about it, and ways in which it aligns with my Reiki Healing and Life Guidance.

Change your mind and change your life!

My personal life has changed in such profound ways since I began having a new understanding of energy and the Universe. Using Reiki in all aspects of my life (as well as accepting the new life lessons that are opened up for me) has brought me a life I could never ever have imagined for myself. All my needs are met and I don't have the "need to know how" any more. Living in faith - following my bliss - giving thanks every day - all these are ways in which my life draws me to my destination.

The Law of Attraction - explained

Over 2000 years ago, a wise man said, "Your character is your fate." And it's true! Pessimists think, "Something bad's gonna happen"... and sure enough, it does - They affirm the negative, so their mind draws bad things to them like a magnet. However... if you're conditioned to pessimistic or negative thoughts, you can decide consciously to change your mental outlook and become an optimist, "I start this day by counting my blessings - naming and expressing gratitude for the good things and people in my life" . Your mind will develop a positive attitude, and draw GOOD things and positive energy to you like a magnet!

Thoughts are instantaneous! Our current reality is at all times working to support our thoughts and is only limited by the limitations we ourselves put upon it. I can guide. you to re-condition your way of thinking to a more positive attitude - so you can attract positive energy, good health, abundance and prosperity.

Life Guidance to Help You Attract Positive Energy

You can choose your material possessions, your relationships, your mental capacity, your physical reality, your spiritual life - all these are ours for the asking. And There Is No Lack! The Universe provides enough for all beings at all times!

Watching my students and clients benefit from the loving energy of Reiki is both exciting and rewarding - for all of us! Using the energy and vibration of all things provided by the Universe is easily learned and really is the natural state of our being. For those who ask, I will guide you to apply the ancient wisdoms to a positive and fulfilling life. For those who prefer a less "show biz" approach, I offer a well-grounded, down-home, one-on-one approach.

I can coach you to change the nature of your thoughts from negative to positive, and to therefore change your reality. Some examples are physical bodies and the way we perceive them. Do you think you're Fat? Thin? Fit? Strong? Weak? Every thought about our body is then supported in our physical reality. When we change our outlook, we can attract a more positive reality.

Do you notice that many of the people you are attracting are either angry or depressed? By changing your thoughts (and thus, your vibrations) you can change the type of person that is attracted to you. This is also THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. As described in the Talking Heads movie "True Stories", don't be forever chasing after love, money or success... if you become a confident and positive thinker, you will become a magnet for all good things.

Every thought is a vibration and when it is sent out it seeks a matching vibration. When you think of that new type of job long and hard enough, circumstances will free you up - and that dream job will manifest itself.

Things are about to get so much better!

Linda S. Wahlund