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Animal Communication and Your Animals Last Day

 2012 April 27

Here is another blessed way that animal communication can be of direct help. Having an animal companion that is elderly, ill or injured badly is a good time to call for help. Skilled practitioners can help you with the hard choices of prolonging life or letting that spirit pass either at home or at an animal hospital.  Many times the animal can clearly communicate their level of pain and/or of illness. They can also let their human know if they are up for surgeries, a long stay at the vet or long courses of medication. Animals are very accepting and will follow their humans lead in many ways, even if those ways are painful or don’t prolong quality of life.

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Hudson, a wonderful companion kitty of 8 years on his last day.

 In my case, being a Reiki Master as well as an animal communicator gives me the skills to be helpful to both the person and their animal companion. I think it is imperative for the person to feel comfortable with their choices in these last days. I bring in the Reiki energy to fill the room or in the case of a horse, fill the pasture. I ask that the energy of Reiki, which is a divine healing energy, fill and surround every person involved with helping an animal have their last breath. I silently invoke the guides and helpers from the four directions as well as the cosmos and the earth. This sets up a beautiful sacred space in much the same way as a directed funeral does for a person. Sacred tools are sometimes used – smudging the space, preparing the grave with essential oils and objects that give peace to the persons involved can all be helpful depending on their belief systems.

Just as it is sometimes best for a person to pass away in the comfort of their own home, it can be every bit as gentle for an animal to pass away at home, either naturally or with help from a qualified veterinarian. Making a decision to help an animal out of their physical body is not to be taken lightly and is oftentimes very difficult. An animal communicator can come and be with that animal to let the animal know what will happen next. I let them know which vet is coming, give them the smells that come with the medical person. I assure them that their person is there with them while there is the small prick of the first needle. This also brings assurance and peace to the person who is saying goodbye to their good friend for the last time. The animals leave their bodies quickly and quite easily

 Being fortunate enough to have attended the passing of many animals I see the effect that planning has for both the animal and their human. Although nervous, the people feel the love and calming nature of this preparation and are able to participate more fully. Over the years there have been prayer circles, feasts with the animals’ favorite foods including cooked brussel sprouts, baked chicken, people cookies and even Altoids for the horse. My dogs always have a “camp” breakfast on their last day consisting of bacon and eggs along with pancakes with syrup and butter. If they are being euthanized at the vets office there can a last special ride in the front seat of the car and maybe a trip to the drive thru.

People have some very profound experiences during our time together including feeling the presence of loved ones that have already passed. At times there are special birds or insects that come to the ceremony that have a special meaning to the person or had a connection with their animal. A very lovely bloodhound and her owners were lying on the spring grass surrounded with ladybugs on a sunny day. The woman’s nickname as a child was Ladybug – letting her know of the presence and support of her parents while she said goodbye to her beloved dog. Further up the hill sat a pure white kitty that was very still and visible for the hour or so we were all gathered showing us the pure white light of Spirit. Even in death our animals will fill us with Universal love, kindness and compassion.



Linda S. Wahlund

Reiki Master - Animal Communicator