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Animals Beyond The Veil?

2013 August 8

This is a question that is asked of me often. My answer comes from my teachers, clients and my own personal experiences. And that answer is a resounding YES! Where animals go for their afterlife varies and I will use for my examples stories from these sources and then let you make up your own mind.

There are some belief systems that teach that animals have a collective soul. When each different species passes, their spirit/soul/energy moves on and joins the separate and particular collective energy of horses, dogs, pigs, ants, etc. Then there will be something like an oversoul that a person could communicate with. In this belief system the animal’s soul/spirit is not individualized. 

In other teachings, each animal is an individual with its own separate spirit and thought patterns. Some people believe that animals reincarnate, have karma and personal agreements similar to humans. I find this to be true in many cases. These animals are our teachers and saviors. This can extend out to trees, stones, water and other “beings” on Earth which I won’t go into at this time. 

In my experience, all of the above are correct. When I have done readings with wild animals and non-domesticated (cattle, poultry and such) there is many times an indication of the group consciousness or oversoul. It seems that the closer to humans an animal lives, the more likely it is to have individualized as a separate soul.

Several years ago I was working with a mustang that had lived with humans for much of his life. This horse had cancer and plans were being made to end his suffering. Over the course of several weeks I was giving him Reiki sessions and generally “checking in” with the progression of his disease. The owner was very open to whatever information was given by her horse. During the last week I was repeatedly given the vision of a large herd of horses in spirit form.  When I asked questions of this group there was indeed a “group” answer. These were the souls of some of his former herd members and in a larger form they were the group soul (oversoul) of all mustangs. This information was so helpful for the owner who was making the always difficult decision to have him euthanized. On the day of the appointment I was asked to come out to the grave site before anyone else. This was to take time to sanctify the space. It was a special time of energetically clearing the space, laying down prayers and actually leaving precious things in the gravesite. When the owner, veterinarian and helper and a close friend came for the euthanasia everything went smoothly. It was a beautiful sight for five women and a magnificent being to be together for his final breath. Seconds before his heart stopped there was a great energy that burst from his crown and soared upward! His family herd was circling the sky above us as his spirit joined with his family. The message sent below came in a group voice – that all was well and that their hearts had been made one once again.  Yes, his voice can still be accessed as an individual who lived with humans and yes, the group voice can also be accessed. 

When speaking with wild animals I usually have more of a feeling of group information being downloaded. The information many times comes from a group to a group – more on a global level than a personal level. It is generally less specific. If a wild animal has been around humans there can be a more specific message. Having communicated with a (live) bear recently that had been at a rehab center for its early life I can say that this bear took away a knowing of humans and could indicate that to me. Alive or deceased, the group information can come through for us. 

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When connecting with clients animal companions I find that they are always accessible on some level. Many of these animals have come into human lives again and again and seem to gain more knowledge about the way we, as humans, conduct our daily lives. When seeing them Over the Rainbow Bridge I am shown a variety of places. Dogs many times show themselves at a park with other dogs and people. Purebred dogs will show themselves with others of their same breed and at times there will be the feeling of a “breed consciousness” rather than an individual. That part interested me – a lot. Companion animals many times meet family members that have passed over – human family members. My clients are rather surprised when Rover shows him/herself with their grandmother, who had never met Rover. These animals really do wait for us at times along with our beloved human family members! 

Another way animals show me what is beyond the veil is when they act as spirit guides.  A client will come to me to connect and check in with their beloved pet and lo and behold – here comes Dad or Grandma or instructions about finances, art, moving households or relationships from their kitty/dog/bird!  I was taught early on in animal communication to “ask the animal what information they have for us”. It’s always surprising what they have to say. I believe since animals are pure Source energy that they are a straight conduit to Guidance/Spirit. In my experience the information the animal brings in is of a high level – straightforward and true. Pretty amazing in my book for sure!

The Spirit, Energy or Essence of a beloved animal companion can come through in many ways. We may sense the weight of them on our beds or “see” them scoot around a corner. Having the breath of one’s horse on your face or the fur of a kitty on your leg can bring a great comfort after their passing. At times their spirit can continue to hold the ground in your home until the next companion shows up. 

Yes, we have them here with us. Yes, they pass. Yes, they are healed. And in the end, yes, they find their way back into our hearts. Never be surprised and always be grateful for what these wonderful animals do from Beyond the Veil.