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A sunset over the ocean in Humboldt

Animal Communication

Animals Beyond the Veil?

Is there an afterlife for animals?

Animal Communication: PS... All Roads Lead to Home (Rose's Last Day)

So there I was telling myself what I so often tell others. That it was ok and the soul leaves the body before the heart stops beating.

Animal Communication and Your Animal's Last Day

The end of your animal's life.

Tea With a Whale

Travelers off the coast of northern California tell me about their journey.

Dreaming in the Afterlife

Being in Spirit is wonderful. It is gentle, healing and above all freeing. No more sorting, cleaning or moving. A time for pure understanding and pure loving intent.

It's Raining Cats and Dogs

In these last weeks or days it seems like they practice being ether. All their human and animal friends that have already passed over are there waiting for them.


Talking With Nature

Healing From the Earth Out

When a person makes themselves (their true physical body) available to their original spirit they can and will heal.

Knee Deep in Jellies

"We are here to remind you again of what is possible and what can be here forever. We love that you hear us."


Various Subjects

Looking Towards a New Year

 Notes from 2011

Working with The Secret

How do you use the Universal power already in place in your life?

Francine, Spirit in the Door

Francine didn't want to talk about how she'd died - too embarrassing. There were drugs involved; she knew her way around the opium dens in town...

Riding in the Redwoods - Meeting my Guide Arn

 In my world we talk of guides. These guides can be many things - ascended Masters, passed on relatives, angels or the guy at the gas station. Who knows?