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With Loss

I am truly sorry for your loss. If there is any way I can help, please let me know..

Throughout our lives we are blessed with times to honor those that have gone before us. Although these times are often troublesome to the soul, they can also be times of great healing and learning. Finding a way to honor your own soul on this journey is the biggest gift.

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Some clients find their way to my healing room to take advantage of the time and space to recover through the gift of Reiki. Clients lie on a soft massage table embedded with crystals with soft music and loving energy being directed into their bodies. Here they can find some peace and healing.

Some ask to connect with their loved ones whether human or animal. Receiving messages from beyond the Veil - over the Rainbow Bridge or wherever they believe their loved one now resides can bring so much comfort and understanding.

Animals also go through grieving processes and can be helped in a similar manner. Giving a voice to their grief and also explaining what has happened can bring them back to normal again.

When we experience the loss of a loved one, whether a dear human friend or a beloved animal companion, it leaves a hollow in our heart...

Loss affects us in many ways that are not emotional or mental. Loss, grief and sorrow can have a sneaky way of settling into the physical body. Pain can come for seemingly no reason and stay for long periods of time. Along with a broken heart, a person can feel as though they also have a broken body. Sore seats, legs and feet are very common as well as general achy ness and pain in the shoulders. I have found that animals can show many of the same physical grief symptoms as humans.

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Being an intuitive healer and working with the Reiki energy, I can help you recognize and remove energetic blocks. Through the act of invoking the high level energy of Reiki and using it in conjuction with an intuitive reading I can help you address the sadness and pain.

There are different ways to work through this pain, including personal counseling, grief groups and medication prescribed through a physician. Having the Reiki energy sent through these physical places of pain is like being infused with a warm fluid to soften and stretch the body. I bring understanding and support yo the time of grieving while helping give relief to the physical symptoms.

Working with you on an individual basis, I will help you develop personal coping skills that will help you recover a sense of light and hope in your life. Grief does not have to last forever. It is good to honor and love those who have passed before us by mourning them fully, but also to honor them by picking up the threads of our life and moving forward.

Sometimes we need to attain peace and closure - it may help to send the love we meant to express, or to ask a question that truly needs an answer... and here, my ability to speak with the departed helps bring closure.

 Read a gentle essay on coping with the loss of an animal, It's Raining Cats and Dogs.

Rates for Services

Rates start at $20.00 for a fifteen minute session, visit our Rates for Services section.