FATTS....Facilitate - Accelerate - Transmit - Transmute - Store....ENERGY

This is one easy way to remember just what crystals can do for us. They too are Divine helpers that happen to come from the Earth.

Crystal vibrations do just that - vibrate our bodies into wholeness. They help us travel through dream time, remove pain, shift our awareness of our etheric and physical bodies.

A row of crystals Linda uses for healing

I work mostly with clear quartz crystals that come from around the world. We can work with the Tibetan double-terminated quartet which seem to bring the ancient vibration and wisdom needed to make life changes.

-or the wonderful clear quartz tower with many rainbows to fill us with laughter and joy. The elestials that are so calming and move energetic blocks in a gentle way. These stones and others have helped clients move through grief, shake off anesthesia may bring the mind to a peaceful and gentle place of regeneration.

Crystal energy brings a hum to your being, balance to your body and a skip to your step. I have several crystal beds for animals to sleep on as they gravitate naturally to them when the need arises for some kind of healing.

Crystals occupy window sills, tabletops, shelves and arrangements throughout my home and Reiki healing studio. During Reiki and reflexology deep healing sessions I may lay out grids of crystals as taught through the Melody method of crystal healing and as my own experience and intuition guide me. I may place additional crystals in the client's hands, on their chakras and wherever else feels right..

My intuitive gifts have no geographical limits. Wherever you live on this planet, I can help you with effective distance healing, animal communication, crystal healing, and finding lost animals. Whether in person, by phone or by email, you may consult with me to help solve life's mysteries, find your personal spirit guide, develop a life plan, a positive attitude and develop your natural energy. I offer on-going, personally tailored sessions for individuals and their animal companions who wish to enhance their link to the natural and spiritual worlds.

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