Reiki healing for people and animals anywhere in the world

Reiki has a wonderful ability to travel through the years and the miles to touch a person or animal in a magical way. Healing of the past, present and future can be facilitated with the Second Level Reiki symbols, the intent of the practitioner and the acceptance of the client. No special belief system is needed to benefit from this Divine energy.

At times, a person, their family members or their animal companion may need some help preparing for new things in their lives. These could include surgeries, moving days, new household members, stressful situations of any kind. Life itself brings stress even in fun circumstances like weddings, parties and vacations. For animals, these situations could be a new doggie day care, new living arrangements, competitive activities and of course the beloved trip to the vet.

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By sending Reiki energy with a specific intention, these situations can be supported on all levels. By sending Reiki to a decision making situation all parties can benefit greatly and always for the highest good of all concerned. Use your imagination and you will be rewarded in wonderful ways that you may never have thought of.

Remember - Divine Intent, Divine Intervention and Divine Rewards. Don't we all deserve that?

There have been many times when my clients were so happy with the improvements in their lives and those of their companion animals, that they arrange for ongoing distance/absentee Reiki.

Whether in person, by phone or by email, I can consult with you to help solve life's mysteries or find your personal spirit guide. With an intuitive counseling session I can help you develop a life plan, a positive attitude and develop your natural positive energy. I offer ongoing, personally tailored sessions for individuals and their animal companions who wish to enhance their link to the natural and spiritual worlds.

Rates for Services

Rates start at $20.00 for a fifteen minute session, visit our Rates for Services section.