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Work with me in person or on the phone

No two consultations are ever alike... it all depends on the nature of the person or animal being worked with, the problem in need of solving, and the moment within the realm of time and the universe.  Contact Here

Private Reiki and personal consultations for people may be arranged for in my Reiki studio in Eureka, California. For animal communication or animal Reiki sessions, it is often best to meet in the animal's own home or in a favorite park, where it will be most relaxed and open.

Linda S. Wahlund, reiki healer and animal communicator

Visiting Eureka, California

Eureka is in Humboldt County, a region of breathtaking beauty - towering, ancient redwood forests, ocean beaches and cliffs, and a gently temperate year-round climate, cool in the summer and mild in the winter. Eureka is a beautiful five-hour drive from San Francisco, through wine country and the redwoods. Then again, some people prefer to fly via the Eureka/Arcata airport.

Eureka's beautiful Victorian neighborhoods offer a host of charming bed and breakfasts. The area also has relatively affordable motels and hotels. Dozens of glorious restaurants offering fresh sea food, Mexican, French, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indian and Vegan cuisine - the list goes on. Can you tell our neighbors love to eat good food?

Phone and email consultations

In many cases it is more convenient to plan for either an e-mail consultation or a phone consultation. Distance readings are the same as in person readings and e-mail consultations work in much the same way - with the client being present energectically rather than physically. This works for both humans and animals alike. Setting up a house reading works in exactly the same manner.

What is a Reiki session like?

Reiki sessions are soothing, refreshing and restorative. The client rests fully clothed on a massage table in a restful and harmonious Reiki studo, with a view of an old-fashioned garden with its vintage roses, herb garden and song birds. A regular session lasts from 30 - 50 minutes. An extended session last up to 1 1/2 hours with an intuitive consultation added to the experience.

The sensation of receiving Reiki is hard to describe. Energy fields are re-balanced and harmonized. Reiki is said to help people heal themselves, in part by strengthening areas that need it and diffusing unhealthy accumulations. Many conventional doctors are beginning to notice unexplainable improvements in patients who augment "regular" medical care with Reiki treatments.