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While many clients report that Reiki brings them improved health and well-being, Linda Wahlund is not a medical doctor. If you have a chronic physical condition which does not improve, be sure to consult with a medical professional. Faith in natural healing is wonderful. And there's a lot to say for modern medicine, too.

While Linda S. Wahlund is a highly skilled Reiki Master, Animal Communicator and Reflexologist, she cannot guarantee 100% satisfaction with every consultation session. Not all missing animals are found, and in some cases their location occurs, sadly, after they have passed on.

We do guarantee that Linda S. Whalund gives positive intuitive energy to every consultation session. Her overall success is so consistent that she has an ever-growing client base of humans and animals who, having consulted once, come back again and again.

Be sure and read the Testimonials page

If you have mixed feelings about whether a session with Linda S. Wahlund is worth the cost, consider taking a bit more time to decide. There are many fine books available about Reiki, animal communication and reflexology you may study, to get a better idea of what is involved.

Or, you may contact Linda to discuss whether a consultation session would benefit you. If the time just doesn't seem right yet, we thank you for visiting the CreatureSpeak website and hope you will come back soon.