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As it became evident that my beloved mustang Dutch was nearing his final days, Linda helped us both move forward. Dutch seemed very aware of his condition/situation, and ready to move on to his next adventure. During his final two weeks, he gave (and received) comforting farewells from his many human and animal companions.

When the day arrived, Linda came beforehand, to clear and bless the beautiful sloping hillside where Dutch's remains would rest. It was a beautiful, simple ceremony. As Dutch's spirit left his body, I it whoosh straight through me like a rushing freight train... a welter of static-like messages, to sort out in the years to come.

And then there was peace. A sense of the beauty of the spirit and the place; From Dutch's resting place, broad vistas of my home, my property, and beyond.

Thank you Linda, for facilitating this beautiful event. I have a deep abiding sense of gratitude, not grief. Even months later, I feel no need to grieve... how can I miss my horse, when I sense his presence every day?

Liz Berrien - Eureka, CA

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Since meeting Linda Wahlund 5 years ago, she has become a mentor, a spiritual guide and a precious friend to me.  Linda came into my life as a fun experiment with communicating with my agility dogs.  Little did I know how insightful and comforting her amazing talent would become in my life and in the life of my family.  Linda helped me support my animals during 4 very serious illnesses my dogs and cat experienced.  She was with us every step of the way – finding out for me how my animals were feeling, what they needed from me and how I could make their last days more meaningful and comfortable for them.  The reiki she sent to all of us helped us to get through the difficult times and soothed our hearts and souls.  Then she was there for my husband and me, helping us  process our immense grief and helping us to heal.

I have recommended Linda to many of my friends and we have all been impressed with the knowledge she has given us about our animals’ behavior and health.  We all feel fortunate to have Linda in our lives.

Toby Brown, Jacksonville OR

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"On several occasions I have asked Linda Wahlund to communicate with My companion animals, including a dog, a cat, and a horse. On each Occasion she has been the consummate professional, attentive to my Intentions, while willing to challenge me in the best interests of the Animals, and in response to their needs. I trust her accuracy, and her Compassion, and am always impressed by her ever increasing knowledge Through her willingness to seek out new and more accomplished sources Of wisdom. As a long time animal healer myself, I understand the Complexity of the mixture required to provide optimum circumstances For healing to occur, and in my opinion, Linda is the whole package. I Would -- and have, countless times -- recommend Linda's talents to Anyone interested in an accurate and compassionate reading. -- Terry Lingrey."

When our lovely dog suddenly fell ill and passed away, all within a few days, it left us with many things unsaid and questions to be asked. Fortunately we came across Linda's web site and she was able to connect with our dog and share the experience with us by e-mail and telephone. Linda was very kind and patient and through her we could communicate with our dog, send our love and get the answers we were missing. This was very important to us and although we still miss our dog very much, we are deeply grateful to Linda that she gave us this opportunity.

M.E. And S.A., Portugal

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 Linda Wahlund's gifts of animal communication and Reiki healing have been a major part of our own family of seven cats, - three with on-going special needs, and have helped us in being a part of rescue and support work with numerous animals - Horses, Dogs and Cats, even a Baby Seal.

Linda's abilities, knowledge and caring have benefited every animal and have been a guide and strength for us and our friends in each situation.

Always, with our Gratitude
Jesse Blacksmith And Sharon Phillips and Family - Ferndale, California

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A few months ago, I consulted with Linda after my 15 year old dog, Sage, exhibited an unexplained injury on the way to the beach. She stopped suddenly with her leg dangling, not expressing any pain, just looking to me for help. I carried her to the car and called Linda when we got home. While on the telephone, I was petting Sage. As she began to look, Linda spoke out loud, "It's not in the spine. Not in the hip. Oh, I see, it appears she may have pulled a tendon, the hamstring." At exactly that moment, as if she was listening, Sage kissed my hand. My hand was on her left leg. I said, "Linda, you just got your confirmation."

After limiting her activities for a few days and daily massaging , Sage began to regain strength in her leg. We've been having fun at the beach again!

Renee and Sage Rawski - McKinleyville, California

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Linda Wahlund assisted me with my cat Seymour's behavioral problems, he was using every spot but the litter box! She was gentle and compassionate, both to Seymour and me. She communicated with him so well, she told me things about him and my other cats that she had no way of knowing. After her visit, and a couple of wonderful suggestions, Seymour's behavior improved immediately! Linda was both professional and personable, and I immediately felt comfortable having her in my space. I have recommended her to several other people, who have also had success with her animal communication!

---Mashaw McGuinnis,
Massage Therapist,
Arcata, Ca.

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I've been privileged to receive Linda Wahlund's Powerful energetic healing services, and her guidance And communication with my animal companions for many Years. I regularly refer my clients and customers to Her for support, guidance and healing for their pets And for themselves. Her easy, open manner, clear Communication with Spirit, and wonderful sense of Down-to-earth humor make sessions with her delightful As well as illuminating. She's a wonderful resource And gift for all the creatures of our world, and I'm Honored to be able to call her my friend.

- Julie Caldwell, MA, Angel Therapist, and the Proprietor of Humboldt Herbals, Eureka, California

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"Whether helping me with human health issues using Reiki and essential oils or helping my family of animal friends with healing and their passings, Linda brings to a session great skills, absolute integrity, and her very loving heart."

Barbara Zizza, Intuitive Counselor

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 I have so many good things to say about what Linda Wahlund's gifts have done for me...

When I took Linda's animal communication workshop, she connected me to my favorite animals. I actually felt what it was like to be inside a horse's body, to feel his huge heart pounding and know how much that huge Mustang heart loves me...

I liked Linda's intelligence and warm, down-to-earth personality, so I took her Level 1 Reiki workshop. Under Linda's guidance, I acquired basic Level I Reiki attunement and an immediate awareness of energy fields, auras and the laying on of hands. I use Reiki to help hatching chicks that would ordinarily be goners survive and thrive. Linda has given my Level II attunement. When I'm ready, she will bestow my Level III Master's attunenment.

A healthy skepticism is natural, but seeing is believing - Linda S. Wahlund gets information from animals that she couldn't get anywhere else. When she first spoke with Anthemm, my Arab gelding, I knew his history but Linda didn't. Still, she told me about his youth and history on a large horse farm. She conveyed his message that he was destined for a different owner - and Linda described the woman who did come into his life, 18 months later!

I could go on, but you get the picture. Working with Linda S. Wahlund has changed my life. My artwork has become much more intuitive. Now that I have a direct pipeline to animal minds, their spirits jump right into my wire sculptures, and look out at me through the wires.

Thank you, Linda...
Elizabeth Berrien Eureka, CA

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 Linda Wahlund is a skilled Reiki master and Animal Communicator, with a big heart, generous spirit, and loving touch. I am honored to call her friend.

Bonnie Lesley, Third Degree Reiki Master

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Linda Wahlund is a wonderful teacher.  Of all the teachers I have had over my many years of study, she is my favorite and one of the best I have ever had.  Linda is extremely well informed and very clear in her lessons.  She is open to any and all questions from anyone in the class.  She is intuitive and I found that most of my questions were answered even before I asked them.  She is also very loving and kind.  Everyone in the class, including me, felt empowered after each meeting.  I would love to take any class from Linda.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Frae - Eureka, CA