Understanding and implementing the Law of Attraction

"Sand shifts and moves - obscuring one's sense of identity and security - it hides secrets...
Dig down for a solid foundation."
- Linda S. Wahlund

For those who ask, I add gentle guidance to my combined healing and intuitive communication processes, always tailored to the individual. Some clients seek to promote and accelerate their personal self-healing talents, igniting the spark of their intuition and their innate  healing abilities. Others ask for help in contacting a spirit guide... and still others yearn to overcome sorrow, lead a more positive life, express gratitude for everyday miracles, and tap into the magic of life.

I can offer guidance in your understanding and implementation of the Law of Attraction (LOA) described in The Secret , coaching you to become a magnet for prosperity, love and abundance.

Intuitive Readings

Tapping Into Your Higher Self

Having studied under a master clairvoyant for many years, I offer intuitive readings that stand alone or go hand in hand with my healing arts abilities. These insights that come directly from your higher consciousness are of great help to you in healing the core issue of discomfort. These readings are offered in my private session room, by phone or through e-mail. You will receive the information face to face with me or while you are on the table receiving a Reiki healing session.

Linda Wahlund at home in Eureka, California