Spiritual Mediumship

 Mediumship can be defined as follows: The process whereby a human instrument, known as a MEDIUM or CHANNEL, is used by one or more discarnate, spirit personalities for the purpose of brining through evidental information from one who has passed for their client. 

A row of crystals Linda uses for healing

This past fall I was fortunate enough to enlarge my mediumistic education by taking a  very comprehensive course from James Van Praagh. James teaches Spiritual Mediumship which has it's complete focus on the Spirit People to bring through evidental information for the person who has come for the reading.

 Throughout my years of healing work and psychic reading I have always attracted Spirit People and Animals who have crossed over. These Spirits most often came through another type of reading or during a healing session for a client. Those in Spirit would see the opportunity to give a message to a loved one through me. .


Clients may use a mediumship session to ask questions of their loved ones, find out about family history, ask how they died and even solve family mysteries! 

These sessions are always private and usually very profound. With love, intention and the highest integrity, I will open to contact and channel the messages of your loved ones.


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